Had my son’s 13th birthday party here. Excellent space and we had about 30 teenagers. The teens enjoyed themselves and had plenty of room to roam around. 2 bathrooms and plenty of chairs and tables to use. Place is spotless and suitable for all occasions. My parents picked their kids up and raved about the space. I will definitely rent this space in the future for my events. Ms Claudette is awesome. She was very accommodating and professional and helped in every way possible. I highly recommend Meeting Exclusive LLC for your next event…….

Eddie Stafford Avatar
Eddie Stafford

I booked this place for my wedding reception for June of this year unfortunately an illness in our family came up and was force to cancel, but Ms Claudette was very understanding . We will be rebooking our event at this location because it’s very clean and nice and cozy if your hosting something that is not too big. Thanks Ms Claudette for running such a smooth business. You are highly recommended.

Lynette V Turner Avatar
Lynette V Turner

I had my baby shower here and it was amazing! The owner is super sweet and very easy to work with. This place is a must book for any type of event.

Sequioa Jean Avatar
Sequioa Jean

Meeting Exclusive is an awesome event space! Ms. Claudette is very accommodating and wonderful to work with. The space is versatile and clean. We would definitely work with Ms. Claudette again!

Keva Church Avatar
Keva Church

The event hall was perfect for my event. Claudette was very professional. I would definitely hold an event hear again.

Nicole Clay Avatar
Nicole Clay

I had my wedding reception here this past weekend, l loved the space a very responsible price to rent out. MS.Claudett was wonderful to work with .. Very good customer service… I will surely be having my next event here

Tyronda Young Avatar
Tyronda Young

I’ve been to Meeting Exclusive several times for other events and when I booked the space to host my Sip and Frost Cake class, Claudette showed me the same awesome customer service that I’ve always seen her exhibit. Will definitely book the space again.

Cindy D Avatar
Cindy D

Always a pleasure working with Claudette. Meeting Exclusive is a very versatile event space. I’ve had meetings, parties and other events there, and it was perfect for all occasions.

Michelle English Avatar
Michelle English

The spaces are perfect for any event. Each space is equipped with a kitchen and virtual offices are also on site. The owners are professional and eager to provide exceptional service and support! Thank you Meeting Exclusive team!

Adrienne Brown Avatar
Adrienne Brown

Professionalism and courtesy at its finest! The sweetest people I’ve met in a long time. I utilize their conference room a lot for my salon classes and every time is better than the last.
- Laqulia Shinn
Graduation party for my oldest. Been a long road. But we made it. Love this place ❤️. Claudia is super nice. Event hall is worth the money clean and spacious...
- Jomika Daniel
Decent sized for a more intimate event or conference. If you pass the entrance you'll be stuck doing inconvenient u-turns so please pay attention to your GPS and the signage.
- Momma Mika
We had my grandson a graduation dinner and it was the perfect place.It was easy to find,our guests had room to move around in. Everyone enjoyed it.
- Linda Daniel
Very nice place. Great space for meetings and events.
- Tasha Renee
I have my business meetings there monthly, for me it's a one stop venue that is great for several different functions. They have a conference room with everything you may need, then another area for workshops or seminars, baby showers, etc. then a larger area for larger events! The owner is so gracious and professional. I will definitely continue to use this venue!
- Sharon Lezama